Past/Current Projects:

Photo by Chris Popio

Photo by Chris Popio


Sad Happy Sucker by Lee Kirk

Presented by Trap Door Theatre, 2018

“What if you found yourself standing in your backyard, stuck to the earth, unable to move? This is the dilemma facing Eddie as he stands motionless in his backyard, paralyzed by his own self-doubts, anxieties, and confusion. When his distraught mother calls in a perplexed doctor to help, Eddie¹s problems only get worse. Lee Kirk’s absurdist comedy explores the meaning of life, gravity, and cupcakes.”

Cast: Logan Hulick, Alex Stein, and Emily Lotspiech. Lighting Design: Gary Damico. Stage Manager: Anna Klos.


The Capillaries

Presented at Links Hall 2017, 2018

“The Capillaries are a series of dreams about the body - about the limits of anatomy, the mystery of impulse, and the strangeness of thought.” Utilizing movement, soundscape, and spoken word - these original works, created in collaboration with the performers, fuse dance and theatre to create an innovative live event. Past presentations have featured Erica Bittner, Jesse Hoisington, Anna Klos, and Kelsey Shipley.




The Glass Inward

Presented by The Island Theatre

The Glass Inward, inspired by Virginia Woolf’s fantastical biography, Orlando, invites audiences to look through the screen, the surface of a frozen river, a window, and into the eyes of one swept along by an endless unspooling of time. In this immersive environment inhabited by citizens of the threshold between past and present, we examine the ever-shifting landscape of male and female, memory and experience, technology and its discontents, and emerge transformed.”

In this project, created in close collaboration with projection artist Anna Henson, I led a devising process with four actor/movers and a design team to create an immersive, hour-long theatre piece to be presented during a month-long residency at The Defibrillator Art Gallery in Chicago, IL. The sound and projection design were woven into the process so that the technical elements could be manipulated live by the actors as part of their choreography. This was accomplished via a custom application built for wirelessly connected ipads. The result was a living installation, full of sound and video, which the actors interacted with to tell the story. 


Tourist Trap

Presented by The Island Theatre


Tourist Trap was my conception for The Island’s inaugural full-length production. It was an interactive “Tour Through The History Of Escapology” that utilized elements of physical theatre, puppetry, projection/sound design, and environmental staging. I served as co-writer, director, and leader of the devising process. 

Each exhibit was created using a different process.  While one was created entirely through non-verbal, physical improvisations, another used text I had pre-written as the basis to devise original puppetry. After the third exhibit, an actor disguised as a terrorist held the audience captive.  He supplied the viewers with headphones containing an alternate tour.  The second half of the play allowed audience members to move freely back through the exhibits in promenade and culminated in a choice to rebel against the terrorist and escape, or remain on the tour.  Each audience member experienced one of several unique endings depending on their choices.