"Mike Steele's Antonio is heart-wounding" - Aaron Hunt.  Newcity.  The Duchess Of Malfi.

". . . Mr. Steele makes each new exploration and discovery a wonder that the audience shares through his eyes." - Colin Douglas.  Chicago Theatre Review.  20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.

"... there are also lovely moments for the human characters, as when Mike Steele's closeted tailor sits on the porch and discusses his future with his fiancee (Scottie Caldwell), awkwardly trying to tell her that he can never really give her what she needs."  - Kerry Reid.  Chicago Tribune.  Matawan.  

"Mike Steele brings deep discomfort to a frustrated tailor."  - Kevin Green.  Newcity.  Matawan.

"Mike Steele aptly conveys Professor Arronax’s myriad anxieties . . . " - Kevin Green.  Newcity. 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea.

"Prestininzi does a fine job of ensuring his drama has bursts of playfulness.  And the comedic absurdity is primarily produced by Steele and Wisniewski.  The duo contrast their military thug personas with unexpected goofiness.  The two infrequently and impressively break into dance sequences . . . It’s these unexpected slapstick moments that lighten the very heavy subject matter." - Katy Walsh.  The Fourth Walsh.  Cookie Play.

"Mike Steele’s Jeremy provides electricity in his increasingly dangerous outbursts." - Paige Listerud.  Chicago Theatre Beat.  Home Front.